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Can­cellation of ser­vice and goods re­turn

Disclosure requirements regarding cancellation of service and goods return 

The card schemes have clear rules on the disclosure and acceptance of terms regarding goods return and cancellations for online purchases/bookings. 


Merchant‘s need to ensure that the following is present: 
  • Merchants must be able to demonstrate conclusively that the terms regarding goods return/cancellation were disclosed to cardholders in a proper manner during the booking and/or purchase process before the purchase is confirmed (Please note that it does not meet the disclosure requirements when the cardholders are directed to read the terms that open in a new window or a pop-up window) 
  • The cancellation terms and terms regarding goods return must appear in the booking or purchase window itself 
  • The cardholder must confirm that he has read the general terms and conditions that apply to the purchase, along with the cancellation terms. This should be done by the cardholder with a direct statement or a check mark 
  • It is necessary that the terms of goods return and cancellation terms for online transactions are also sent in the order confirmation e-mail or provided on the receipt/invoice to the cardholder 
  • Goods return, refund and/cancellation policy must be visible both in the Icelandic and English language before a purchase is confirmed (this applies to face to face transactions where a card is presented at a merchant‘s location and when the card is not presented, e.g. e-commerce) 
  • When a face to face transactions is  executed by the presentation of a payment card at a merchant‘s location, the merchant must verify that the cardholder has signed or placed his letters to accept the merchant‘s cancellation policy before the purchase is completed 


Please note that the cardholder may have dispute rights if the merchant has not properly disclosed to the cardholder the terms of cancellation policy, refund policy or delivery policy. Here you can find further instructions regarding this matter, cf. Article 6 of Special terms and conditions of Straumur greiðslumiðlun‘s Terms of Business. 

The above is a summary of the card schemes rules regarding cancellation of service and goods return and therefore may take changes. 

Here you can read about cancelation of service and good return in icelandic.

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