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DCC - Dyna­mic Currency Con­version

Dynamic Currency Conversion is a merchant provided service that lets you see your foreign card transaction in your home currency at the point of sale (POS).

  • This service includes fees for the cardholder which is partly reimbursed by the merchant
  • Increased revenue opportunities for merchants and increased customer service
  • Less exchange rate risk for cardholder
  • The merchant must inform the cardholder of the cost of the service and needs approval to use currency selection before completing a transaction
  • The terminal/POS automatically detects if the creditcard is foreign and invites the cardholder to choose wheather to pay in ISK or the currency of their home country
  • It is important to keep in mind that the merchant may not influence the cardholder´s decision

Contact our customer service at straumur@straumur.is if you want to know more about DCC or if you want this payment solution in your terminal.

Here you can read about DCC in icelandic.

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